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Merging Evidence-Based Insight with Game Design

At People Power, we are dedicated to creating a game that seamlessly blends education, futures thinking, and fun. This makes a strong foundation in rigorous research integral to our game design and development process.

Our commitment to evidence-based design shines through in our cards, which are meticulously curated to represent the driving forces, trends, and wildcard events and developments that could potentially shape the futures of demographics. Cards capture an array of socio-economic, political, and environmental forces globally. Additionally, our wildcards introduce unpredictable events or developments. While these events might seem unlikely today, they could instigate significant impacts if they were to transpire, offering players a chance to explore dramatic shifts and potential transformations in the demographic landscape. This not only adds a layer of complexity to the game, but also stimulates critical thinking and challenges preconceived notions about the future. 


We have a small interdisciplinary team of experts in areas such as sociology, politics, futures studies, and design who lead our research efforts currently. To cover any gaps in our knowledge and to open up and humanise the research process, we engage additional experts through innovative research methods such as Humanathons. This ensures our game remains grounded in real-world knowledge, while continually expanding its educational scope.

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We believe that groundbreaking insights come from diverse viewpoints. Therefore, we take our demographic research to the next level by organizing online "Humanathons" - collaborative research events focused on population decline and its impacts on the future. We partner with Hunome, a Finnish startup and innovative online platform designed to delve into the multifaceted aspects of the human experience.

Human-centered Research

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6 Sept 2023, Wednesday

@ 15:00 – 17:00

(Eastern European Time - Helsinki)

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The objective of humanathons is to gain a deeper understanding of the factors driving population decline and aging, and the potential effects of these demographic shifts. We invite participation from demographers, policy makers, and interested citizens alike. We welcome diverse perspectives and believe that every voice adds value to our exploration of this important topic.

We invite you to join this intellectual adventure! Your contribution can help shape a more informed, enlightened perspective on our world's future

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