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Designing a
card game for 
navigating the future of demographics

Imagine a world where the power of collective thinking transcends age, where intergenerational collaboration ignites transformative solutions, and where the future of our society is shaped through dynamic dialogue and innovative ideas. Today, we stand at a critical juncture, where the complex web of demographic changes poses significant challenges and opportunities for our global community. The shifting dynamics of population trends, from aging societies to evolving cultural landscapes, demand fresh perspectives and novel approaches.

Futures Thinking

Futures thinking, as a concept, delves into the fundamental recognition that our beliefs, actions, and thoughts are shaped by a multitude of assumptions we hold about ourselves, the people we interact with, and the world we inhabit. It is an approach that seeks to unearth and make explicit these underlying assumptions, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of how they influence our present and future trajectories. By exploring multiple scenarios, embracing uncertainty, and actively engaging diverse perspectives, futures thinking empowers individuals, organizations, and communities to proactively shape the desired future and design a more resilient and inclusive world.

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Futures thinking is not about predicting the future.

"Futures thinking is primarily concerned with systemic factors, and is less concerned with immediate problems. It recognises that everything is interconnected, and that in order to make meaningful and long-lasting impact, one must understand and intervene in the overall system rather than addressing only individual elements." 


by Zoë Prosser and Santini Basra

Population Decline

We have historically lived in a world where the average population was young. This is about to reverse itself.

Are we ready?
Pre 1800
The biggest factors impacting population levels was disease. 2/5 of children born would die, and people lived hard and short lives.
Post 1800
Thanks to the industrial & agricultural revolutions people were having more children living longer.
Population growth in much of the developed and urbanised world ceased.
Now the developing world is catching up with decreasing fertility rates and rising life expectancy.
The UN as recently as 2019 has predicted that population would rise to 11 billion. However, if fertility rates continue to decline, this will be wildly inaccurate...
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Economic Implications

As our leaders rightfully grapple with the economic implications of shifting demographics, it becomes evident that no economy is inherently equipped to address this monumental challenge. The strains are apparent: with an aging population and the extension of retirement age, pension systems are stretched to their limits. The consequences are far-reaching—taxes may surge, pension systems could crumble, healthcare infrastructure may become overwhelmed, businesses might face difficulties in recruitment, and social care services may suffer ongoing cutbacks. The need to navigate these complex dynamics becomes increasingly urgent as we consider the repercussions that may unfold in the next few decades.
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Human Rights Battleground

In the intricate landscape of demographics, we witness a stark dichotomy emerge. On one hand, governments respond to the challenges by upholding human rights, making investments in vital childcare facilities, and extending maternity and paternity leave. However, on the other hand, we encounter governments that enforce regressive measures, such as banning sex education from curriculums and prohibiting vasectomies in hospitals, eroding the very foundation of our human rights. This striking contrast raises a crucial question: Could demographics become the epicenter of the human rights battleground in the 21st century?
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Beyond Economics

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Demographics are not solely confined to economic considerations; their effects permeate multiple dimensions of our society. The intricate tapestry of demographic changes and our responses to them reverberate across social, cultural, environmental, technological, and political realms, leaving a lasting impact on both present and future generations. Our historical experience has predominantly revolved around a world where the average population was youthful. However, this narrative is on the cusp of a remarkable reversal. To navigate the forthcoming paradigm shift, we must sharpen our ability to anticipate and embrace the transformative ways in which our world and we ourselves will inevitably evolve.

Participatory Futures

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At its core, participatory futures is a medium for people to think (and feel) differently, openly, and critically about the future together. In seeking more dynamic ways of engaging with the future, immersive and live-action experiences are now frequently employed as a means of transforming how citizens can and might think, feel, and act, toward possibilities of what might lie ahead.  Its objective is to interactively explore present images, ideas, and concepts of the future. It may want to deconstruct current concepts to give space to innovative ideas and encourage alternative paths
(Dator, 2009; Inayatullah, 2008; Kreibich et al., 2011; Ramos, 2017).
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Why a game?

The creation of a game serves as a powerful tool to address the critical need for intergenerational connection and understanding. It offers a safe and inclusive space where different generations can come together. By incorporating gamification into this endeavor, we tap into its inherent ability to engage and inspire collaboration. The game serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and dialogue, allowing each generation to express their perspectives, concerns, and aspirations. Through this interactive and enjoyable experience, we facilitate the exploration of emerging opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued.
The game acts as a bridge, fostering empathy, mutual respect, and a deeper understanding between generations. It provides a platform where the wisdom of the past can inform the present, while collectively envisioning a future that addresses the needs and aspirations of every individual. The power of gamification unlocks the potential for innovative solutions and collaborative action, paving the way for a better and more inclusive future for all.


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Through an extensive process of literature review, in-depth interviews, and game tests, the People Power project meticulously honed and refined its cards. Drawing upon trends encompassing crucial socio-economic, political, and environmental changes, the project aimed to capture the potential futures of different demographics. Moreover, the inclusion of wildcards, representing unlikely yet impactful events or developments, added an element of unpredictability to the game. These wildcards symbolize dramatic shifts that have the potential to reshape the demographic landscape in unexpected ways.  

The primary objective was to create card decks that not only engage and inform but also reflect the intricate interplay of factors shaping our world. By doing so, each game of People Power becomes a thought-provoking exploration of potential future scenarios, inviting players to delve into the complexities of the world we inhabit. This design approach ensures that People Power offers a captivating and intellectually stimulating experience, inviting players to contemplate the vast array of possibilities that lie ahead.
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Policy Cards.png


Provocative present and possible future policies. from banning sexual education and making abortion illegal to opening up borders and investing in healthy cities.
Culture Cards.png


Provocative future cultural impacts and social norms, from intergenerational conflict and the end of sex, to Africa at the center of global culture and pregnant men on the cover of vogue.
Tech Cards.png


Impactful technologies that could change the game, from longevity tech and gene editing, to blockchain, artificial intelligence and implantable brain-machine interfaces.

Design and Branding


In the world of card games, where the atmosphere can be both serious and playful, the font choice plays a crucial role in setting the tone. Montserrat, a versatile typeface that strikes the perfect balance between seriousness and playfulness. Its clean and geometric design exudes a sense of professionalism and elegance, lending a touch of seriousness to the game. Yet, Montserrat also carries a subtle hint of whimsy in its rounded edges and friendly curves, injecting a playful spirit into the visual aesthetic. With Montserrat adorning the cards, players are greeted with a harmonious blend of seriousness and playfulness, creating an immersive experience that captivates both the mind and the heart.

Colour Palette

Every element contributes to the overall identity, the primary colour palette plays a vital role in evoking emotions and setting the desired tone. The amalgamation of white, orange (web), magenta, and blue as the primary colours in this card game is a testament to its commitment to creating a playful experience. White serves as a blank canvas, inviting players to embark on an immersive journey. The vibrant orange (web) bursts forth, infusing the game with energy and excitement. Magenta dances across the design, evoking a sense of wonder and delight. Finally, the cool hues of blue wash over, creating a soothing backdrop amidst the game's engaging elements. Together, these colours intertwine to create a dynamic and visually captivating branding palette, embodying the essence of the card game's allure and captivating nature.

Illustration Style

The whimsical lines intertwine, crafting intricate and playful illustrations that beckon players into a realm brimming with boundless imagination. Each card unfolds as a canvas, adorned with delightful doodles that awaken joy and a carefree spirit. This distinctive style infuses the game with vibrant energy, weaving a tapestry of immersive experiences that ignite curiosity and unlock the depths of imagination.
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Play Test

"Within the constraints of time, the fear of failure evaporated. Suddenly, exploring the future of demographics became an exciting journey, not an intimidating task. The game ignited quick thinking, trans-disciplinary ideas, and solutions. It allowed us to talk about even the most sensitive topics comfortably and productively. So much so that we ended up discussing the rapid depopulation of North Wales and how to get young people to be more proactive in facing future challenges."


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Recognition and Funding

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